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My name is Darren Pugh, and I've always had a fascination for all things self empowering-because I believe that life is meant to be an adventure, and that the only limits to really following our passion and purpose in life, are the ones we impose on ourselves.

My background in the martial arts, being mainly kickboxing and Karate, led me to more sophisticated art of Tai Chi in the early nineties, which I have been practising and studying as a very effective system of holistic exercise ever since, as well as being a certified coach/trainer.

Training in Tai Chi, and Chi Kung awakened me to the importance and benefits of having a calm mind and a relaxed body, which would result in me getting into meditation in a big way.

I began to study and explore many of the various schools of traditional meditation, and before too long, had made the commitment to sit in the stillness of meditation- for twenty minutes, twice a day.

I took to it like a duck to water, and soon realised that I hadn't just made a commitment – I had made an investment – an investment in myself, that continues to pay great dividends.
Zenergie Meditation has evolved over nearly eighteen years daily practice, and with a little bit of subtle tweaking and refining along the way, I have developed a technique that is the embodiment of simplicity, and effortlessness, and that is super easy for absolutely anyone to learn and benefit from straight away.

My daily meditation practice gives me the inner calm, energy and confidence to create some wonderful changes in my life, and becoming a teacher was one of those wonderful changes.

I feel truly blessed to able to teach something so valuable and beneficial to anyone looking to experience “more ease” an increased sense of well-being and passion for life, and to tune into their full potential, and awesomeness.

I am currently writing my second book, and occasionally dabble as a musician- originally as a drummer, but also as a budding guitarist.

Maintaining a fair level of physical fitness and flexibility play an important role in my life, and as well as my daily Tai Chi practice, I enjoy Yoga, getting out for lush walks in nature, and my own personal workout routine.

As an experienced long time meditation practitioner, and certified teacher with the British School of Meditation, I offer tuition on a one to one basis, to small groups, and within the workplace and organisations.

One to one training is now also available regardless of your geological location, via the technological wonder that is Skype, as a cost effective alternative to “in person” tuition.  

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Learning to meditate is super easy and enjoyable with the correct guidance from an experienced teacher.

The health benefits of a daily meditation practice alone are priceless but there is so much more on offer as you come to view life from a whole new "enlightened" and refreshing perspective of the infinite possibilties and potential available to you.

"To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders"
Lao Tzu



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