Inner calm, confidence and vibrant health are a natural byproduct of a daily meditation practice- but you are not actually trying to "do" or "achieve" anything.

There is no need to “try” and relax or to stop thinking, and there is no breath control, concentrating or contemplating involved. You simply follow an effortless procedure of “undoing” that allows your mind to settle down and your body to relax naturally.

Zenergie Meditation requires no weird or uncomfortable sitting positions and is practiced sitting comfortably in an upright position with the eyes gently closed, making it ideal for the home, office, park, garden, commuting or travelling.

To the casual observer it will just appear as if you are resting- just imagine, a simple technique taking just twenty minutes that you can do practically anywhere to relax, replenish and supercharge your energy levels.
The most common excuse I hear from people who would actually love to to learn to meditate is the "old chestnut" that they just dont have time!!

My response and philosophy is that "I dont have time not to"... My life is iinfinitely better as a result of my twice daily meditation practice, and for the minimum input on my behalf, I can achieve more with less effort, I am more relaxed, happier and time seems to work for me.

When you are stressed out- time will always seem to work against you and add to the strain..

Meditation also known as “the art of letting go and just being” has been used for thousands of years - not only as a path to spiritual development and ultimately “enlightenment” but also as a means for regular busy people to cultivate inner peace, robust health and the resilience to better handle the challenges and demands of everyday life.  

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Learning to meditate is super easy and enjoyable with the correct guidance from an experienced teacher.

The health benefits of a daily meditation practice alone are priceless but there is so much more on offer as you come to view life from a whole new "enlightened" and refreshing perspective of the infinite possibilties and potential available to you.

"To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders"
Lao Tzu


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